Certified and Insured Sidewalk Violation Removal Experts in NYC

NYC Concrete Repair is your go-to name for sidewalk violation removal services for your residential or commercial property. Our team of DOT concretere contractors is certified and approved by various departments, including the NYC Building, the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Department of Consumer Affairs (DOB), NYC Parks, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We offer a range of services, including concrete sidewalk repair, replacement, sidewalk curb repair, and more.


Get Your DOT Resolves With Sidewalk Violation Removal

With over two decades of experience, we have completed thousands of sidewalk violation removal projects. If you receive a DOT sidewalk violation notice from the NYC Department of Transportation, don't worry. We offer sidewalk violation removal services that will resolve your DOT violation immediately. We provide sidewalk violation removal and repair services throughout New York, including Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan.

Common Sidewalk Issues that Lead to DOT violations & Hefty Fines

Uneven Sidewalk Surface The unevenness of sidewalks is a common issue that requires immediate repair. Harsh elements may cause some uneven, improperly sloped concrete surfaces to develop on your concrete sidewalks. A sidewalk surface should always be even and flat to ensure safe pedestrian traffic.

Cracked & Bulged Sidewalk Issues Cracks and bulges around sidewalks need to be fixed immediately. Water entering into slabs and freezing during winter can cause cracks and bulges on sidewalks, leading to severe concrete-related damage.

Collapsed & Damaged Sidewalk Collapsed sidewalks are caused by underground movements such as ground shifting, tree root growth, heavy machinery, consistent traffic, and more. These damages may affect the functionality of sidewalks, causing trip hazards and other accidents. Thus, sidewalks should be fixed and free of cracks to prevent these incidents.

Raised Concrete Surfaces & Sidewalk Tiles Raised concrete surfaces and sidewalk tiles are hazardous to pedestrian safety and may lead to trip, slip, and fall hazards. Therefore, a sidewalk should be well-maintained and repaired to prevent receiving a DOT violation notice from the NYC Department of Transportation.

Who Is Responsible for Maintaining Sidewalks?

If you are a landowner in NYC, all the responsibilities lie with you for maintaining or repairing the sidewalk linked to your land. If you receive a DOT violation, you have 75 days to make repair work. Failure to remove violations may result in hefty fines, legal penalties, DOT Violation notices from the NYC DOT, and even the forced closure of your property.


Uncover the Consequences of Delaying Sidewalk Violation Removal Work!

Delaying sidewalk violation removal work can lead to safety hazards and potential injuries for pedestrians or customers. Delayed sidewalk violation removal may also damage your property's reputation, portraying it as unsafe or hazardous. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize violation removal work to avoid costly penalties, repairs, and property reputational damages.

The Earliest Possible Way to Get Violation Removal Done the Right Way!

The best and earliest possible way to remove violations is to seek the assistance of a team of sidewalk violation repair experts. Our team is capable of doing all sorts of sidewalk violation repair & removal work. We offer concrete services, utilizing the best quality material 4500 PSI concrete, asphalt, cement, brick, and stones. Our work meets and exceeds your unique needs and expectations.

Get A long-Lasting Solution by Just Signing Up With Us!

Rather than wasting your money on little repairs that wear off in a couple of days or might get you another DOT sidewalk violation, it's better to replace your sidewalks completely with our instant sidewalk replacement services. Our sidewalk violation removal experts will quickly fix your problematic or defective sidewalks near your residential or commercial property.

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