Why Do Sidewalks Degrade and Crack Over Time?

Over time, concrete sidewalks adjacent to your residential or commercial property can experience damage and deterioration. Old age of concrete, poor installation methods, and extreme weather conditions are some common reasons why sidewalks might experience damage.

Addressing these damaged sidewalks to ensure pedestrian safety and compliance with city guidelines is your responsibility. Let us help you identify some common factors that might cause degradation and cracks in your sidewalks. 

Moreover, we will also discuss the role of professional experts in addressing these sidewalk issues and ensuring the long-term durability of your concrete structures.

Factors that lead to sidewalk damages and cracks

Numerous factors can lead to sidewalk damage. Let us tell you some common factors that might become a reason for degrading concrete.

Extreme weather conditions

Extremely hot and cold weather causes cracks and damage to your sidewalks. Usually in the summer, concrete might expand, and if it doesn't have enough space, it might crack. 

Similarly, in cold weather, if the soil has water pooling issues, the sidewalks might experience freeze-and-thaw cycles, causing the concrete surface to rise above and make the slabs uneven.

Tree roots and sidewalk damages

Tree roots near the sidewalks can also be a common cause of cracks in the concrete surface. When the tree roots search for nutrients, oxygen, and water, they grow in an upward direction, causing damage to the concrete surface.

You can hire a professional concrete contractor in NYC to repair damage caused by tree roots. Tree root damages are caused to sidewalks adjacent to one, two, or three-family homes, NYC parks usually provide monetary assistance and repair services.

Poor Construction and maintenance

Concrete deterioration happens because of poor construction and a lack of maintenance after the installation of new sidewalks. As a property owner, you must understand the importance of hiring a trustworthy NYC concrete repair company to ensure premium installations. 

Moreover, you must be aware of the steps to maintain your sidewalks so that they can stay in the same condition and be safe for everyone to use for a long time.

Use of harmful chemicals

Regularly cleaning your sidewalks can reduce the risk of damage. If your sidewalk gets dirty, scrub the surface with a soft, bristled brush instead of a hard one. To clean the oil and grease stains, use a mild soap or detergent. 

Using harmful de-icing materials can also cause damage to your concrete structures.  Opt for less harmful de-icing materials so that your sidewalks don’t experience chips and degradation.

Tips to maintain sidewalk yourself

Maintenance is the key to keeping your sidewalk in good shape. Want to know some common tips that might help you repair it yourself? 

  • The most effective way to maintain your sidewalk is to keep it clean. Cleaning your sidewalk on a regular basis is an excellent way to avoid hefty repairs.
  • Inspect your sidewalk and hiring an expert to reseal your sidewalk every few years can extend the lifespan of it. Resealing will also protect it from harmful elements.
  • Look for small cracks regularly. Repair them before they turn into larger cracks and cause damage and injuries to pedestrians.
  • Stains always leave an unappealing impact on the appearance of your curb. Removing these stains as soon as possible is important in keeping your sidewalk safe and well maintained. 
  • Concrete resurfacing your sidewalk is an affordable way to give it a brand-new appearance. resurfacing your sidewalk can play an essential role in making it attractive.
  • Reaching out to experts who have expertise in concrete repair is the best way to keep your sidewalks in good shape and boost the curb appeal of your property.

Why is hiring a professional sidewalk repair company necessary?

Hiring professional experts for premium sidewalk services is essential to ensuring reliable and long-lasting results. You can trust the expertise of NYC Concrete Repair for high-quality sidewalk fixtures that survive the test of time.

You can reach out to us today and get our premium sidewalk repair and resurfacing service at a very affordable price.  Our process consists of inspecting your sidewalk, looking into the damages, obtaining the permit, and making a full plan and budget according to your preferences. 


A cracked or degraded sidewalk can cause injuries to pedestrians and violate NYC DOT regulations. Fix deteriorating sidewalks today with expert services for sidewalk repair in NYC and ensure pedestrian safety.